Message for Requesters

Covid 19 Level 3 12.8 Update

Telephone interpreting TINT and Video conferences VIS are DHB’s recommendation when there are any H & S concerns, Face to Face SINT is still available for crucial case

Making changes of existing booking
If appointment needs to change/cancel please login your account to make the changes. For further assistance please ring 42211 or 094423211.

Interpreter availability Some of our interpreters may have health condition and not able to do face to face interpreting. Please let us know would Telephone interpreting or video conference be considered when making a face to face booking.

TINT For all TINT requester must ring WATIS when the appointment is ready.

Video conferences instruction

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Message for Interpreters

Covid 19 Level 3 12.8 Update

Hospital wards/clinical team will provide PPE (e.g. mask) for our interpreters when needed according to H & S guidelines

MASK Contractors (interpreters) can also bring their own mask for their own protection purpose : our hospitals/clinical team will accept this if there is no H & S concern

Booking reschedule or changing
WATIS is going to contact the interpreter if there is a change for the booking. If we didnt call, it means the booking is still on.

TINT For any TINT job, WATIS is going to call the interpreter once the requester is ready. Please do NOT call WATIS if you didnt receive any call from us.